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Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission has arranged DTS’s and similar bible schools since the beginning of the 70’s. In an interdenominational setting you get teaching about classic understanding of a Christian life and service. The school emphasizes fellowship and experience-based application teaching.


Module-based education:

Every week we have a new theme and we have traveling speakers come and bring out new understandings of God’s character through Scripture and their own experiences. Our goal is that every theme is taught not out of sheer theory but comes out of the experience and theory of the teacher as they have lived it out.


Community and team:

We believe that growth in knowledge, ministry and character can develop in an active and positive environment, rather than books and theoretical learning. Therefore we seek to share life lived whether in the classroom, in everyday work or service teams in Norway and around the world.


Believe in young people:

The majority of students at DTS’s are young people straight out of high school. Our DTS’s have also selected many young staff that have gone through the school. They are supported by experienced managers and act as leaders and facilitators in the environment of the school. To continue as school staff after the completed DTS is a solid investment in leadership training.


International community: 

A DTS student in Norway can meet other DTS students from Europe, North America and Asia. An international environment provides good linguistic gains and cross-cultural understanding that is sought after in today’s globalized world.

International travel:

All schools travel in Norway, to Europe and to other continents. We seek to facilitate international learning and proximity to the local culture. At the same time we want to be careful that we are not exposed to any hazards. All destinations are carefully selected in cooperation with Norwegian leadership and local personnel and expertise.


All students should have an insurance that would apply if we were to experience illness, the need for rapid repatriation or loss of luggage. Many people have a common insurance for the family, but this is often limited to 45 days of travel, and this should be coordinated with the school site as travel often lasts longer.


The tuition for a DTS is usually divided into several payments, and varies with the school’s length and content. When offered, a space reservation is non-refundable, if you possibly would withdraw from school.

Youth with a Mission schools are not eligible for loans or grants from the State Educational Loan Fund.


The tuition fee includes all tuition, room and board, as well as traveling both in Norway and internationally.

Some extra fees may apply. This applies to textbooks, any vaccinations and individual visas.


We serve good, healthy food in our base, and we take into account individual needs and allergies. At the base you will likely share a room with others.


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